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night sky poem

Above is a Canopy,
Studded with thousand Glitering Stars,
The vast Sky,
The Rays of the Golden Ball,
Gild the Darkness of the Night,
Green Surroundings,
Appeared to be in black,
Yet decorated with many Flickering lights,
The Fire Flies,
Mysterious sounds of the Night Creatures,
Is a melody with no lyrics,
Cool breeze move around with much ease,
Word’s won’t come easy,
For me to explain,
The Beauty of the silvery Night!

– Tiny W. Sahabandu



The Moon slowly shedding it’s light

Waning grey clouds, hiding its might.

A red glow, rising, heralding morn

As I rise from bed, to another day born.

Listless and weary, from yesterday’s rest

My mind ajar, body dulled, by being not at best.

A candle lit, facing East, trying with zest

And, prayers offered, no, not my best.

Lonely and forlorn, my lot today

Yet, endure the day, I must, without delay.

As shadows lengthen and daylight fades

Swift to its close, this day, with darkening shades.

I pray Thee O! Lord, Thy comfort I seek

This night, abide with me, my earnest plea….

– Chris Defonseka