I was born to Teach English


The sleek Porsche slides in silently
One shiny shoe hits the floor, then another
In he comes,well-fed,dressed immaculately,
Aura of affluence about him,
Wearing glasses which cools
The burning world before him,
He sails like a majestic ship
Among the sea of students
He is our hero, the magician
Who possess the wondrous formula of
“Spoken English”
Jumping out of a crowded bus
For the fear of missing the class
Clad in the timeless denim
And rarely washed “I am Sri Lanka” T shirt
Adjusting the disheveled hair, limping badly
And having cheated the stomach
With a fish bun and a glass of water
I sit on the edge of a jostling bench
Straining my ears to catch
Every joke, anecdote and some English
‘Today I am going to teach you a poem called
“The Rich and the Poor”

– R.C. Fernando

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  1. K.P.Ranasinghe September 4, 2018 11:44 pm  Reply

    A poem that any sri lanken can sit and think about. More and more thoughts come out while you’re reciting..

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