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විඳි දුක් ගැහැට අඩු නැත මහමෙර උසට
හද ගිණි නිවන කඳුළැල් අඩු නැත නෙතට
පෑළ දොරින් පැන ගිය පෙම්බර නමට
තව ණය ගෙවයි පෙම් කල පුරුවේ පවට…
පහන් කන්ද සේ බබළන රූ සපුව
ගිණි කන්දට පෙම් බැන්දා රුවැත්තිය
හිම මෙන් දියවුනත් ආදර සිත් පොදිය
කඳුල සුසුම තනි රැුක්කා නුඹ අසළ…
අඩුවී නොමැත අව්වේ ඇති රැුස් මලා
මන්දිර නොමැත ගව්වෙන් ගව්වට සදාලා
කුසුම් කැකුළ අකලට ලොව තනිවීලා
විඳවයි තනිව හැමදාමත් වැලපීලා…
සිහින පොදි බැඳන් සිටියත් ලොවට හොරා
බිඳුණු කැඩපතින් නොබනල් රූ වරුණා
මේ බවයේ තනි වුවත් ආල නුරා
ආදර නමට නුඹ වුවා යසෝදරා…

– Eranga Dasanayake

The Love between two,
Seal with a Band of Gold,
To be secure & strong,
With the blessings of all,
The instant symbol of a marriage,
Is the Ring…

Begining or end hard to find,
Right or wrong within the ring will be pardon,
Even if it’s right out of the Ring will be harden,
It’s a thorn on a finger,
For a pair, who is always in anger,
For those who hold Love in their Hearts,
Till death they do part,
It’s the same Blessed thing,
The Gloden Wedding Ring…


-Tiny W. Sahabandu


No one was there to love me when I’m alone,
except you…
No one was there to hug me when I’m cold,
except you…
No one was there to help me when I was in a trouble,
except you…
No one was there to kiss me when I needed a kiss,
except you…
No one was there to talk with me when I’m crying,
except you…
And today you are not here to be with me when I need you…
You are far away from me…
You are forever gone from me…
My love I’m here waiting for your return till I die…
But please remember how much I loved you…
Never changes on me whether you come to me or not…
Please remember that a little girl is crying for you…

Love Poem by Sachi joseph

-Sachi Joseph

You are not mine - Sinhala love poem

– Malshika Navodani


I was feeling so lonely,
But then one day I met you!
We roamed, in every dark road, with our hands tied together
You gave me many unforgettable memories,
But then you left…
I wish that my dream, which only belongs to you, will be written in your sky
And I wish that there comes a time you will only look for my eyes again…

My dear friend

My dear friend

Don’t worry we are friends

Good friends

We’ve much understanding

We’re helping each other

We’re sharing our feelings

When we face problems

We advise each other

Others will create trouble for us

They’ll blame us

They may misunderstand us

They’ll cheat us

They’ll bring more trouble for us

As a human being

We’ve many problems in life

We’ve our own families and children

We’ve a clear mind

We’ve good goals

We try to achieve our goals

Try to study hard

Try to work hard

Work and work hard

Try to over come all barriers

Try to reach the target

Try to help others

Somebody seems to be innocent

Don’t believe them

They’re egocentric

They’ll make things difficult for you

Beware my dearest!

My dear friend

Don’t worry

We are friends

Good friends!

My Dear Friend - Sri Lanka Love Poem


Words Do Hurt

Words are of no use
When even feelings are obscure
Going through darkness marks by scars
Just as permanent markers
Forever engraving on our skin and in our mind the followed path
Emerging unscathed is too good to be true
Bad experiences are instructive they say
At a point they destroy us
As time passes by
Until nothing matters anymore…

Words Do Hurt


The Distance

Sometimes I just wonder why

Why is it that the only person who truly care about me appears to be across the world

Why is it that you don’t get to see what you truly mean to me

Words just don’t seem to express nothing much

Maybe that’s why it’s so hard writing feelings down

I’ve learned it the hard way, but eventually I found a purpose to live

You give me a reason to wake up every morning,

A reason to expect something of my life…


Living apart isn’t easy, it will never be

But you make it worth it

You give me all I need and so much more

There’s nothing I can and there’s nothing I will ask more

Every day I think about what to tell you

Words just never seem to be strong enough

Nothing can describe the feeling of knowing that you always have someone by your side

When nobody is to be seen…

The Distance - Love Poem - Sri Lanka Poems




Your love spread to every nook and corner of my heart

Then, our love grew in leaps and bounds

“Where do you keep this much of love?”

I asked you one day,

You just smiled

But that smile said a lot


I’m proud about you, me and our love

My heart is beating,

Only for you…

My smile is always,

Searching for you

So, I’m eagerly waiting for

The greatest and the happiest moment

Can you imagine?

The auspicious time, blessings

Greetings, smile and so on…

How wonderful!


Everything of mine is

Waiting for you…

One day our story will also be written as

“They lived happily ever after!”