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A True Ruler

Who is a ruler – a real, true ruler?

Someone who does not lie and cheat

Someone who tells the truth and actually cares,

A person who does not practice deceit


Why do we have rulers that do not believe,

That goodness and humbleness are valued and true


Why do we have rulers that try to reach the sun?

True leaders are but a chosen few


Who among you today deserve a place on the throne,

Who among you really gives and shares speedily

Maybe those who deserve the glory and riches,

Are the ones who do not seek it so greedily…

A True Ruler - Sri Lanka Poems

-Zumrina Zabith

Your love spread to every nook and corner of my heart

Then, our love grew in leaps and bounds

“Where do you keep this much of love?”

I asked you one day,

You just smiled

But that smile said a lot


I’m proud about you, me and our love

My heart is beating,

Only for you…

My smile is always,

Searching for you

So, I’m eagerly waiting for

The greatest and the happiest moment

Can you imagine?

The auspicious time, blessings

Greetings, smile and so on…

How wonderful!


Everything of mine is

Waiting for you…

One day our story will also be written as

“They lived happily ever after!”


Live for the day!

Yesterday was history

Which brought today’s victory

Tomorrow is a mystery

Which could lead to a contingency…


Never think of tomorrow’s mystery

Within this short time u have

Take today as yours and

Leave tomorrow to others…

Live for the day - Sri Lanka Poems

-Tiny W. Sahabandu


Sri Lanka

Night with its sight,

Of moody frightening darkness…

Your light made me delight,

With soft lovable smiles…


Life with its height,

Just like the darkness of night…

Vanished and brightened you,

With your twinkling little light…


– Pradeepani Kulasekara