Grandma had mementos of the GREAT WAR

Her youngest brother had left his cozy office job

in quaint old Jaffna town to join the British

Army in Mesopotamia in 1914…

He had returned after four years of desert warfare

Grandma’s photos of her brother’s comrades

Before and after the war

Bright young faces had become haggard,

Wrinkled, old and weary, although still in their


Millions had perished in that war.

He returned to his job in tranquil Jaffna town,

Thankful to be alive…


– Jegatheeswari Nagendran
Colombo 05

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  1. Doug May 7, 2013 6:55 pm  Reply

    So many in the “War to End All Wars” which became World War 1 when there was a two, suffered in inconclusion, not knowing any purpose, but yet having been brave and courageous and bold, distinguished and noble. Many in the wars were more noble than their top leaders who fretted about things more strategic than a common death, a common family catastrophe. The winning is for the theorists, the bloody losing is for the Mothers of Tears.

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