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Faces many he has at his disposal,

And displays his choicest at any given time,

As deftly as any of his ilk

Pearly white teeth uttering sweet nothings,

Ears pricked at invective hurled at him,

Bloodshot eyes screaming murder and mayhem,

Pinky nostrils wide, sniffing blood yet to be shed,

Ruddy lips full, making the face serene,

High and mighty he epitomizes his five-headed

counter part…

Invisible faces - Sri Lanka Poems

-V. Thillainathan
Sri Lanka

The Ruler

Come morning

Perched on the tree

This Bulbul and her family of two

Twitters beautiful tunes

She teaches her little ones


She then pecks the soil

Looking for worms

To feed her young

Come evening

She takes refuge in the tree

And by her incessant chirping

And hopping

She chases away the others


We have come for refuge on her tree

Everything is quiet

I take a peep

The mother, with one eye open

Watches over her brood

While they with their eyes shut tight

Doze away

She is the ruler

The-Ruler-poem-by-a sri-lankan-about-a-bulbul-mother

Kalida Lebbe

A True Ruler

Who is a ruler – a real, true ruler?

Someone who does not lie and cheat

Someone who tells the truth and actually cares,

A person who does not practice deceit


Why do we have rulers that do not believe,

That goodness and humbleness are valued and true


Why do we have rulers that try to reach the sun?

True leaders are but a chosen few


Who among you today deserve a place on the throne,

Who among you really gives and shares speedily

Maybe those who deserve the glory and riches,

Are the ones who do not seek it so greedily…

A True Ruler - Sri Lanka Poems

-Zumrina Zabith