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poem about grandmother

Sweet as honey and short as a metaphor
Stubborn in style but mighty as ever
With a sea of wisdom she guides my way
My princess is you who blossoms my day
Charmingly calm and blessed with elegance
She fulfills her routine with a touch of excellence
Enthralls my life with the majesty of her kinship
Touching my heart with love and fellowship
My pride is endless to express you’re mine
So accept this token of gratitude with shine
Now time to shout out who you are,
It’s none other than ‘You’ my darling “Achcha”

– Kalharie Pitigala

The Masquerade

The world is a


Twirl and turn with care,

Hurt not anyone

Embrace your fellowmen

With bendiness!

For, behind the masks of

The masqueraders,

Lie hidden emotions,

Untold woes

And stolen happiness

Falsifying the ancient belief

“Face the mirror of the mind”

They continue to dance

With their masks on…

The Masquerade - Poem

-Nuzha Ramzath