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On the Dial of a Clock
The Struck of a Second
Is just not a Second
It’s already stolen our Lives by a second
So silently it’s passes unseen
The Cry of a Birth
Soon turn to a lament of the Death
A Youthful Laughter
Smoothly flows to a cries of an Older
No halt, nor Return
Goes Faster than the Wind
Quicker than the mind
What it takes is the Lives of Yours & Mine


– Tiny .W.Sahabandu

Live for the day!

Yesterday was history

Which brought today’s victory

Tomorrow is a mystery

Which could lead to a contingency…


Never think of tomorrow’s mystery

Within this short time u have

Take today as yours and

Leave tomorrow to others…

Live for the day - Sri Lanka Poems

-Tiny W. Sahabandu


Sri Lanka