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Named after Julius Caesar

Hero of the Romans,

Who killed him later


Now July comes anew

Nourished and refreshed

By our monsoon rain, bright sun

And Ocean breeze


July rises now in green and

Golden splendour,

Despite the thunderclouds

And brilliant blue of skies

That once were filled with

Smoke and fiery death


We learn to live in peace

Amid universal memories,

Tragedies and comedies

Of human kind



A painting of Romans stabbing Julius Caesar to death in the Theatre of Pompey

Golden July

They call it –

The Black July


I was hiding in a dark pit,

Shivering, shaking, sobbing –

Terror howling inside me


Young – only 16

Two hands took me out –

Soothing voice

Two warm arms embracing me


I was shoved into a car –

Taken to a mansion –

Fast, fast, fast


Behind the kitchen slab,

Hiding, shivering.

Big knock on door

“Are you hiding Tamils?

Sinhala Traitors!”

“Naa naa Kavuruth naa”

“No, no, no one here” –

Retrieved from behind the slab


A beautiful lady –

Brimming with love –

Holding me –

Calming my fears

Oh, Golden July…

Sri Lanka black july