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Sinharaja Poem

Where raindrops, their crystal hearts, sing a love song ever changing
Where woodpeckers and hummingbirds greet each other every morning
Where crocodiles and reptiles carouse, act up, brawl; then kiss goodnight!
Where fairies dance on starlit nights  and  goblins mischief makes you smile

In your woods I gently trek, your many hues; I hold my breath!
By sparkling streams I sit awhile oh weary soul, I need some rest
Your canopy holds such wondrous grace; the creators feast, a masterpiece!
Sinharajah, our very own; picturesque, unending

Your pages unfold  streams of grace, beguiling, fascinating
A forest floor, an under story, a canopy so lush, green trees above!
Reptiles, birds, snakes and mammals you house, a heavenly ark, a fine abode
With love you weave, to you I cleave, the creators grace everlasting

Laurussia and Godwana land, your history dates eras of old
The Rakwana Massif, Galle, Matara and Ranpapura you conjoin and clothe with grace
Your eco system preserves and saves, shields and keeps, our land, our home
When chopped ande raped, stripped undressed, you turn your face “my soul you’ve bruised”

Where peace, grace and love abide in multigenerational families of old
Where wattle and daub homes, roofs thatched with bamboo; an alluring, enchanting feast
Where Ayurvedic medicines, herbs and spices, are gathered, steeped and sold with love
Warukandeniya and Kolontotuwa villages, Sinharajah, you pleasurably host

The Greater Racket tailed drongo, the Noicy orange billed Babbler
The Red faced Malkoha, the Green billed Coucal and Blue Magpie
The Green pit Viper, the Purple faced Langur
Sinharajah, our very own; picturesque, eternal

Sinhagala, Pinipitigala, Mulawella your majestic, delightful peaks
Kudawa, Pitadeniya, Morningside your gateways studded in gold
Bird watching, waterfall trekking, canoeing, lake fishing and nature walks
Sinharajah, our very own; picturesque, never-ending

A lowland evergreen forest steeped in legend, folk lore and mystery
Sinha – Lion, Rajah- King, A princess; the origins of a Sinhala race
A world heritage site, carbon sequestration, priceless to humankind
With love you weave, to you I cleave, the creators grace eternal

In your woods I gently trek, your many hues; I hold my breath!
By sparkling streams I sit awhile oh weary soul, I need some rest
Your canopy holds such wondrous grace; the creators feast, a masterpiece!
Sinharajah, our very own; picturesque, everlasting

– Mary-Anne Willis

Entrance to another world,

Covered with pretty flowers,

Smell the best feeling,

Autumn leaves & Rose petals,

Make the path of Love,

Soft & Fresh…


Birds sing the anthem,

Breeze murmur the tune,

Snowflakes dance to it…


Your shadow is there,

For my every step…

There at the horizon,

The rays of sun & moon,

Warm & charm,

As you wished…


Thank you…

For everything…!!

Beautiful Sri Lanka


Beauty of Nature

The bright sun peers

Through the white clouds

It’s like a gold coin

Gleaming on the snow

Flowers are dancing

Trees are smiling

Birds are singing

When they see the pretty sun

The winds breezes through

Fresh scents everywhere

Birds fly

The sunset flares

The sun, wind, birds, trees and flowers

They always make us happy

They expand

The beauty of nature


-Vishmi Kawshalya


The light of the sun is waning

The day is coming to an end

The moon in the sky is waxing

It’s light to the earth to send

Workers are walking hastily to catch

An early bus or train

Cars are speeding homewards

Right and left on every lane

Birds are flocking together

Heading towards their nests

Happy about the weather

Longing for a good night’s rest

Eventide - End of a long day

-Elisha Gomes

A warm July morning in Sendai

Third week in this unknown city

The people in similar attire

Walking hurriedly

Looked different


Their language, food,

Customs and sign boards

All were alien to me

The only consolation was

Multi colored cosmos flowers

And hydrangeas

By the roadside to the campus

Which filled my heart with inexplicable joy


It is in the same time of each year

That they bloomed

In our garden


It was like meeting

A long lost friend

In this unknown land

Hydrangeas - Known Among Unknown

-Ayoma Wijewardena

The Ruler

Come morning

Perched on the tree

This Bulbul and her family of two

Twitters beautiful tunes

She teaches her little ones


She then pecks the soil

Looking for worms

To feed her young

Come evening

She takes refuge in the tree

And by her incessant chirping

And hopping

She chases away the others


We have come for refuge on her tree

Everything is quiet

I take a peep

The mother, with one eye open

Watches over her brood

While they with their eyes shut tight

Doze away

She is the ruler

The-Ruler-poem-by-a sri-lankan-about-a-bulbul-mother

Kalida Lebbe



My country of exile

I still find

A promising proposition

I was quite young, then

Ready and eager

For hitherto unknown


Mesmerized by the spectacle

Of scantily dressed

Lively and seductive

African damsels


To the wild drum – beat

Worshiping god of Eros

Enticing me to yield

To dictates of craving

Devouring forbidden – fruits

At leisure


Now, I being quite old

Carrying a heavy load of

Much exalted wisdom

Such a visit

Only have

Nostalgic value

For I am now obliged to

Condemn such vices


With or without conscience

Nostalgic Reflections by Ranjan Amarasinghe


Ranjan Amarasinghe


Sri Lanka

It’s more than two decades

Since we were compelled to hurriedly leave idyllic Nilaveli

Hoping to return soon (a forlorn hope!);

Then, after ages and ages

A ceasefire was declared;

Everybody was eager to see Trincomalee, especially

The beautiful beaches of Nilaveli


So, we too set forth one sunny day

It was heart-rending to actually see the devastation;

Tears pouring down my face

We looked at the place

We had called home for almost a decade

Reduced to rubble, trees sprouting through

The remaining buildings

Of what was left of the formally

Beautiful Moonlight Beach Hotel

Which when he took charge of,

Many many moons ago, my husband used to

Proudly say “My baby”……


This Sri Lankan poem is about Nilaveli (Pronounced Nilaa-Veli), a world famous tourist destination located about 20 kilometers North-West of Trincomalee, Trincomalee District, Sri Lanka. In Tamil, Nilaveli means Open-land of the moon-shine. It is one of the places you must see if you are visiting Sri Lanka.