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Uninvited, hither we came
And, without leave, departed hence.
What reason here for agony
Other than regret, as we shall meet again?

I crossed many rivers and mountains
Obstacles overcome with nary a care.
During my earthly journey,
Hope did not hurt anyone in my path.

I plead, my friends or foes
Do not hinder my ascent to the Heavens
Thro’ love or longing, other than regret.
Remember me, as I will remember you
Across that golden shore.

– Chris Defonseka

Broken Glass

red rose sad death poem

She lay surrounded by the silver moonlight
On the dark, soft grass, staring at space
Trying to count the infinite stars
Could life be more beautiful?
Her laugh was like the summer,
It melted every cold heart
She was full of courage and determination
Her beauty won many hearts
But a real girl isn’t perfect
And a perfect girl isn’t real.

A drop of blood turns the white snow red
A speck of dust turns pure water brown
She had troubles, sorrows and burdens too
For the world is not a wish granting factory
Now she lay on crisp, scratchy white sheets
Imprisoned by the dull walls of a hospital ward
There were dreams and plans for her future,
Her path to success had not yet been stepped on
Till the doctor told her gravely,
She had only one hour more

Tears did not flow from her bright eyes
For what good would that do?
Amidst sad goodbyes and sorrowful farewells
She drew in her last breath
Amidst wails and weepings of despair
She left to meet her king, eternal

Though she was just another patient,
One in a million deaths
Her death was mourned, her smile was longed for
A red rose, the epitome of love, trampled
The sun is missed only when it snows
She was loved only when she was let go
But shattered pieces and splinters still lie on the floor
A broken glass can never be repaired.

– Lavanya de Mel


බොල් අඳුර ගලා’විත් කවුළු දොර අබියසට
මට රවා නින්ද අරගෙන ඉගිළ යන විටක
සෙමින් එකිනෙක සැලෙන පොත් පිටු ද අතර ඔබ
කවි වැලක් සේ පෙනුනි අකුරු අතරෙහි රැඳුන

මොහොතකට කවුලු දොර දෙස බලා සිනාසුන
හිරිකඩය සුලං රැලි පෙළා මා ගත රැඳුන
හදිසියේ අවදි වුණ විලස මා ඔබ දෙසම
දෙනෙත් නොපියා බලා සිටි අයුරු දෝ මතක

පොතේ පිටු අතර රැඳි දහස් පද වැල් අතර
සිහි නොවුනි ඔබව මට මෙබඳු මොහොතක මිසක
එහෙත් මේ හදිසියේ මන්ද ඔබ මා හදට
පිවිසුනේ ඇද හැලෙන පොහොන් වැස්සක් ලෙසට

එදා අවුරුදු ගණන් පෙරදි මා ඔබ හමුව
ගෙවී ගිය සොඳුරුතම මිහිරි වූ ගී වැල්ය
දිනෙන් දින ඉරි තැලී ගිය මගේ හදවතම
අදත් ඔබ නමින් ඉඩ තවත් ඇත්තේ මන්ද

ලෝකයේ කොතැන හෝ මා නොහඳුනා තැනක
සරණු ඇත ඔබත් පෙර මතක නටබුන් අතර
ඉගිල යන පවනකට ඔබෙ හුස්ම එකලු කර
හදට සුසුමක් විලස ගලා යයි හද තුලට

මීට දිගු කලක පෙර මිහිදන්ව ගිය මතක
සොයා හද බිම කණිමි පහන් වන තුරා රැය
කොහේ හෝ නිසංසල තැනක සැඟවී යලිත්
පෙනෙයි ඔබ දහස් ගණනින් ලියූ අකුරු මැද

ආදරය තනිකඩව ඉකි බිඳින සුසානෙක
ඔබ නමින් ලියැවේවි ජීවිතේ සොහොන් කොත
පුංචි ඉටි පහනක්ව යලිත් හිත ළඟට’විත්
මතක මිටියාවතම එළිය වී හිඳිනු ඔබ….!!

– Hashintha Vidanapathirana

when im gone poem

Don’t cry me a river,
When I’m gone…
as you
stare at the patterns
that my presence
has left….

It’s my wish for,
You are not gone…
Let your laughter roam
in it’s angelic form…

Sing me a song
to soothe my soul…
Close your eyes
open your heart
Don’t fall!

Point out a star
Or two for me,
Never fret
that you failed
to get me
The moon….

Cry me a river
Don’t cry
at all..
my soul can roam….

– Phusathi Liyanaarachchi

poem about life

Second by second hour by hour
Time passes the life
We smile we talk we walk together
In our faded mild life
Shaded eyes gleam with wonderful dreams
Enlightened the sorrowful naked tears
Still the thoughts pounding from a dry dead heart
Whispers the echo of lively dreams
Of enchanted love
Time passes by laughing at us
We are the passengers of life followed by the time
with wonderful dreams
With shameless hearts beautiful smiles
and feelings with dark memories
We walk among the pathway of the life with the enemies ….. Alive
Our life…………….enemies are alive

– Vindhya Ariyapperuma


(An English translation of Prof. Wimal Dissanayake’s poem, “තාත්තාගේ මරණය” (Thāththāge Maranaya) which was originally written in Sinhala)

Just as groping in the darkness
in search of a precious gem,
the doctor was looking for a drop of breath
left in father’s body.
With frightened eyes we peered at the scene
in utter stillness
My heart, restlessly moving
hither and thither
like a soft bud caught in a
whirlpool of wind
As motionless as a mountain
in bantering excitement
Dumbfounded like a stone,
quite motionless
the doctor raised his hand
and took a shaken look at the bystanders
who were around the bed
with eyes floating in a rivulet of tears
We waited earnestly
until a silver lining would appear,
as the doctor laboriously tried to watch us
with a haunting expression in his face
He failed,
and immediately turned his head towards the floor
The sky ached in vociferous thunder
while rains of tears welled out of eyes
and fell down on the floor
Pacifying the dark vibes
appeared the pale decorations
like a soothing balm!

– Prof. Wimal Dissanayake

– Translated by: Indunil Madhusankha


මට මතක
පොඩි දවස්වල
එක දිගට
මල් පිපුණු
මහ ඉඩම

සිටුවා පපුව උඩ
කොන්ක්‍රීට් කණු
කඩා සහෝදරකමේ දම්වැල්
මීටර ගණනට
සීයලාගේ සොහොන් මැද්දෙන්
මහ ඉඩම

නිල් දිය ඉනූ
මහ ළිඳ
දඬු මුගුරු පාවෙන-බොරදිය
මල කා දිරන
කප්පිය -පනිට්ටුව

තේජස් මහ ගෙදර
සමතලා වුණු බිම
මහ පොලොව බදාගෙන
වැවෙයි රට තණකොළ

යළි මල් නොපිපෙනා බිම
තුඹස් පමණක්ය
උනුන් පරයා නැගෙන….

– සමන් විජේසූරිය(ගොල්ගොතාවේ සීපද කාව්‍ය සංග්‍රහයෙනි)

When I first met you
I booked a room in your space
Together, we were a heavenly match…

Green valleys, with flowing waters
Yet, sometimes, impediments blocked our path…
But we were never afraid
Our love and togetherness, conquered all…

Two score years now gone by
Never noticed the passage of time
Especially, with you beside by my side…

Another year soon to be
I am, this time, leasing my room,
In your space, for the rest of my life…


– Chris Defonseka

He was a Man in his youth
Covered His Manhood
With a musty piece of Cloth
Dangling hair with mud and dust
Darkened skin with so many scars
As He strolls sheepishly on the road
Came to a standstill
Bent over a muddy pot-hole on the road
Greedily drank the muddy water
And quenched his thrust
He looks so despondent
In a dismay I thought
Once He would have been somebody’s Son
Surrounded with so many Loved Ones
Now he belongs to non
Lonely under the Burning Sun…



-Tiny W. Sahabandu


No one was there to love me when I’m alone,
except you…
No one was there to hug me when I’m cold,
except you…
No one was there to help me when I was in a trouble,
except you…
No one was there to kiss me when I needed a kiss,
except you…
No one was there to talk with me when I’m crying,
except you…
And today you are not here to be with me when I need you…
You are far away from me…
You are forever gone from me…
My love I’m here waiting for your return till I die…
But please remember how much I loved you…
Never changes on me whether you come to me or not…
Please remember that a little girl is crying for you…

Love Poem by Sachi joseph

-Sachi Joseph