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Wreaths and white handkerchiefs in place,

Decked in black, fully made up,

They go visiting


The cemetery is not too far from their abode

Yet they choose to visit only once a year

So they walk towards the gravestone,

Almost mechanically,

So many generations, like cattle,

Simply following a tradition, abiding by the rules

Submissively revisiting


“He was a nice man, a family man”

“Ever so generous, patient, humble, a teetotaler”

Said another

On the verge of tears, just this once


But after fifteen minutes, like clock work

They head home

To prepare for supper

Life goes on


Revisiting him, only a formality!




Navindi Fernandopulle

Colombo 07

Sri Lanka



My country of exile

I still find

A promising proposition

I was quite young, then

Ready and eager

For hitherto unknown


Mesmerized by the spectacle

Of scantily dressed

Lively and seductive

African damsels


To the wild drum – beat

Worshiping god of Eros

Enticing me to yield

To dictates of craving

Devouring forbidden – fruits

At leisure


Now, I being quite old

Carrying a heavy load of

Much exalted wisdom

Such a visit

Only have

Nostalgic value

For I am now obliged to

Condemn such vices


With or without conscience

Nostalgic Reflections by Ranjan Amarasinghe


Ranjan Amarasinghe


Sri Lanka

Laughter and screams

Of young ‘uns

Seem to vibrate the air

As I gaze askance

Over a dilapidated gate

Now rusty with time

Murals of Donald Duck

And Mickey Mouse

On the wall

Sparsely visible now

How we raved over them

Dreams of Disneyland

Running riot

In our young mind

Frilly dresses

And pinafores

Ribbons and Alice bands

What a kaleidoscope

Of colors and shapes

As we gaily danced

To the tune of

Age old nursery rhymes

Riding again on the mat slide

Swoosh! On to ground

My mind jolts back

To the presence

Wishing ‘twas

Montessori Days



It’s more than two decades

Since we were compelled to hurriedly leave idyllic Nilaveli

Hoping to return soon (a forlorn hope!);

Then, after ages and ages

A ceasefire was declared;

Everybody was eager to see Trincomalee, especially

The beautiful beaches of Nilaveli


So, we too set forth one sunny day

It was heart-rending to actually see the devastation;

Tears pouring down my face

We looked at the place

We had called home for almost a decade

Reduced to rubble, trees sprouting through

The remaining buildings

Of what was left of the formally

Beautiful Moonlight Beach Hotel

Which when he took charge of,

Many many moons ago, my husband used to

Proudly say “My baby”……


This Sri Lankan poem is about Nilaveli (Pronounced Nilaa-Veli), a world famous tourist destination located about 20 kilometers North-West of Trincomalee, Trincomalee District, Sri Lanka. In Tamil, Nilaveli means Open-land of the moon-shine. It is one of the places you must see if you are visiting Sri Lanka.