Golden July

They call it –

The Black July


I was hiding in a dark pit,

Shivering, shaking, sobbing –

Terror howling inside me


Young – only 16

Two hands took me out –

Soothing voice

Two warm arms embracing me


I was shoved into a car –

Taken to a mansion –

Fast, fast, fast


Behind the kitchen slab,

Hiding, shivering.

Big knock on door

“Are you hiding Tamils?

Sinhala Traitors!”

“Naa naa Kavuruth naa”

“No, no, no one here” –

Retrieved from behind the slab


A beautiful lady –

Brimming with love –

Holding me –

Calming my fears

Oh, Golden July…

Sri Lanka black july

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  1. Stephen Allen August 22, 2019 1:13 pm  Reply

    I am the Composer in Residence for the Chamber Orchestra of Colombo. I live in Kandy. .July of 2020 there is a concert scheduled featuring a Beethoven piece for Choir and Orchestra. I need an appropriate poem to set to music, as a companion piece..

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