My dear friend

My dear friend

Don’t worry we are friends

Good friends

We’ve much understanding

We’re helping each other

We’re sharing our feelings

When we face problems

We advise each other

Others will create trouble for us

They’ll blame us

They may misunderstand us

They’ll cheat us

They’ll bring more trouble for us

As a human being

We’ve many problems in life

We’ve our own families and children

We’ve a clear mind

We’ve good goals

We try to achieve our goals

Try to study hard

Try to work hard

Work and work hard

Try to over come all barriers

Try to reach the target

Try to help others

Somebody seems to be innocent

Don’t believe them

They’re egocentric

They’ll make things difficult for you

Beware my dearest!

My dear friend

Don’t worry

We are friends

Good friends!

My Dear Friend - Sri Lanka Love Poem


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  1. Doug May 7, 2013 7:12 pm  Reply

    Such a wonderful thing to have dear friends who share feelings, who let advice blossom in the sunshine of friendship, who gather our efforts together in the pasture, where the great herder is kind, and the grass is so green when friends are good friends.

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