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My hopeless days

I yearn to lit up


By children’s

Lively faces


With myriad of

Bright colors

Revealing enigmatically

An ancient and sure recipe

An assuring elixir of life…

Dreamers Paradise - Sri Lanka Poems

-Ranjan Amarasinghe

The Ruler

Come morning

Perched on the tree

This Bulbul and her family of two

Twitters beautiful tunes

She teaches her little ones


She then pecks the soil

Looking for worms

To feed her young

Come evening

She takes refuge in the tree

And by her incessant chirping

And hopping

She chases away the others


We have come for refuge on her tree

Everything is quiet

I take a peep

The mother, with one eye open

Watches over her brood

While they with their eyes shut tight

Doze away

She is the ruler

The-Ruler-poem-by-a sri-lankan-about-a-bulbul-mother

Kalida Lebbe

Live for the day!

Yesterday was history

Which brought today’s victory

Tomorrow is a mystery

Which could lead to a contingency…


Never think of tomorrow’s mystery

Within this short time u have

Take today as yours and

Leave tomorrow to others…

Live for the day - Sri Lanka Poems

-Tiny W. Sahabandu


Sri Lanka

Night with its sight,

Of moody frightening darkness…

Your light made me delight,

With soft lovable smiles…


Life with its height,

Just like the darkness of night…

Vanished and brightened you,

With your twinkling little light…


– Pradeepani Kulasekara

Wreaths and white handkerchiefs in place,

Decked in black, fully made up,

They go visiting


The cemetery is not too far from their abode

Yet they choose to visit only once a year

So they walk towards the gravestone,

Almost mechanically,

So many generations, like cattle,

Simply following a tradition, abiding by the rules

Submissively revisiting


“He was a nice man, a family man”

“Ever so generous, patient, humble, a teetotaler”

Said another

On the verge of tears, just this once


But after fifteen minutes, like clock work

They head home

To prepare for supper

Life goes on


Revisiting him, only a formality!




Navindi Fernandopulle

Colombo 07

Sri Lanka